domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

Inventions important for the world

This entry belongs to the unit seven. I learned about the advances of science and usefulness of these devices to the public.
The I-phone is one of the most current cell phones that can be found on the market, with ability to surf the Internet, multi-screen touch virtual keyboard, two mega pixels camera and functions of a portable media player. For its convenient design allows be moved anywhere in the body without it being noticed, besides just turning the phone you can drop photos or files on a vertical or horizontal as you wish, you can expand or reduce the screen to expand and highlight the smallest details of the images.But do not forget your touch screen make sure not to leave it at the reach of children, try not to drop it and most importantly always take it in a safe place because, by its high cost is in its sights many people antisocial.
Excellent this phone .. who does not want one?

martes, 1 de julio de 2008

The places of my dreams...

In this unit exposed places of my dreams, like England, New York and of course Venezuela.

The place of my dreams is England, because I love its architecture, and I think a country very elegant, but I would like to live in colombia to continue my career as alla journalism is excellent. In reality it does not matter much where I find I like many, New York, Canada, Dominican Republic and Venezuela of course .. The important thing is that this calm and happy.
Leave a comment and tell me what the place of your dreams ...

My apartament...

This entry describes the characteristics of an apartment, size, comfort and modernity.

I live in a apartament here in Maracaibo, its very beautiful and very big. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. However the kitchen isn¨t big enougt it has a lot of windows and an excellent view of the city.

The principal bedroom is bigger than my bedroom, however the 3rd bedroom is as big as my bedroom is the bathrooms are almost the same, one of them is almost as small as the other one.

The house of my dreams is a mansion, i bue the big houses with a big yord where i could relax, have fun with my friend, or even play with my dog. I would like to have a beautiful kitchen because i like cook. That house would be purple and pink everywhere and my bedroom would have a big bed with a lot of pillows. My bathroom would have a jacuzzi and too many mirrow

I love this apartment, you believe that?

martes, 24 de junio de 2008

How do you prepare banana fries?

How to prepare fried bananas? ingredients and procedures

First, pour oil in a pan and heat it

Then cut and slice bananas

Next, put the sliced bananas in the pan

After that, grate the cheeseFinally,

take the bananas from the pan and add the grated cheese

causes them?

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2008

Letter to Lord Mayor

This is a letter written to the mayor the city in order to expose the positive and negative things in his administration.

Good Morning Mr. Mayor: On this occasion I write to you in order to acknowledge the great work that so far met in the city, and also to emphasize some points that should improve even more. First I called him to know and assess the situation in which millions of people living in the area acting District; really serious health problems exist in this town which leads to a significant increase of diseases and epidemics. However in this sector do not have enough medical services required to meet such emergencies. Wishing to please be heard this request and by thanking all the other advances that have resulted in the dismissal of you locality me with great respect to the four days of the month of June, two thousand and eight. Nazareth Paredes

Animate to make one and to make you feel ...

martes, 3 de junio de 2008

Ana and Ted...

Time to remember ... look at this as a lesson to express where born, where we grew up and where he studied among other important data for human life.

One afternoon Amy Ted iban strolling through the park when suddenly puff! collided and fell to the ground. It apologized and began to be known; Ana tells is that of Argentina, who does not know how to skate very well, which is doing a course in computer and who speaks two languages, English and Spanish. Ted tells nations in the united states and is a specialist in computer and who works at a travel agency. Then make a deal where Ana is committed to give skating lessons to Ted if the teaching of computing. They are known, and two years later Ana was pregnant with Ted, but this dies in an accident and Ana decides to travel to Spain to take and see his son grow there.

I want to meet a TED .. you not? jaja


In this interview will inquire about privacy, the anecdotes, studies and best memories of Maria Viloria

Her name is Maria Araujo, it is 31 nations in New York but grew up here in Maracaibo. He went to a school called "Rosmini" from primary to secondary. When I was a little girl had many toys but one was his favorite; avioncito, loved playing with her best friend Teresita which called Smurfs because it was smaller than she. When entering the university is separated from his girlfriend because she would go to live in Spain, time of great sorrow for Maria, her parents decided to buy a pet, a dog named Richky to make him company. Lic Education is currently in Presscolar and has two children.

Want to know?